Family Day at Gan Chamesh of Chabad of the Five Towns


Binyamin Ze’ev Markovich, age 4, of Cedarhurst, was joined by his Savta Chana Aharoni, visiting from Bat Yam, Israel, to celebrate Family Day in Gan Chamesh at the Chabad of the Five Towns preschool.

For “Show & Tell,” Binyamin brought in locks of his hair in a bag, since his first locks were recently shorn by Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, Israeli rabbi and posek (halachik decisor) who was also thes sandak at his Brit Milah.

Binyamin is holding a photo showing his first haircut, at age 3, in Israel, by his Saba Yosef, who passed away a few months later, as his proud Savta looks on.

Festivities on Family Day were led by teachers Morot Etel Hurwitz, Ruthi and Brina, assisted by Binyamin’s Imma, Yudit, who serves as the Chabad’s dynamic music teacher.