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EDITOR’S NOTE: Last month, the Long Island Herald published a column, by Hofstra University Professor Alan Singer, that maligned Judaism and the Jewish state of Israel; Singer bizarrely … more
When news broke two weeks ago that Harvard University’s Kennedy School had refused a fellowship to former Human Rights Watch head Ken Roth, I did not hesitate to applaud their principled … more
A rather remarkable open letter was recently issued by a group of left-wing Jewish organizations, defending a confirmed antisemite. Rep. Ilhan Omar, and deriding House Speaker Kevin … more
There are many high quality commentaries and translations on the Book of Exodus. Here are two that deserve your attention. “Redeeming Relevance In The Book Of Exodus” (Urim … more
Our parasha contains the mitzvah of sippur yetziat Mitzrayim, the recounting of the story of the Departure from Egypt, that is fulfilled during the Pesach Seder. The 13th century author of the Sefer … more
From the start of Genesis, we have been reading one long story extending over many centuries. It began with the creation of man and proceeded with the narrative of the transformation of a small … more
With a small push, yet surprisingly little creativity, we can easily notice that the Exodus from Egypt mirrors the events that surround the last evening of the existence of Sodom. In Egypt, the … more
What is the power of a hug? Sometimes it’s all about the context. Recently, someone sent me a story regarding a fellow named Yankel, a survivor of Auschwitz who began his journey there … more
Sometimes others know us better than we know ourselves. In the year 2000, a British Jewish research institute came up with a proposal that Jews in Britain be redefined as an ethnic group and not as a … more
Kudos to the Wall Street Journal for defending the new Israeli government’s judicial-reform plan. It takes guts for a news outlet to go against the grain of fashionable politics, … more
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