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Among the most disturbing spectacles over the months since the coronavirus was unleashed on the world have been the attacks on haredi Jews in both Israel and the United States.  Some … more
Although it hasn’t yet been determined whether the brutal stabbing of a young father on his way to morning prayers in upstate Ramapo was an anti-Jewish hate crime, it was described by the … more
Yeshivas unapologetically emphasize religious and ethical instruction. A small number of such schools have been accused … more
A recently released Pew Research Center report about global restrictions on religion focuses mostly on discrimination against, and the persecution of, various religious … more
Rabbi Avi Shafran, public information director of Agudath Israel of America, writes a weekly column for Hamodia, which declined to publish this submission. He posted it at RabbiAviShafran.com and it … more
By Rabbi Avi Shafran Issue of May 8, 2009 / 14 Iyar 5769 I don’t often ride the New York subways, but not long ago I found myself leaving a train deep beneath Brooklyn, at the … more
Right Angle By Rabbi Avi Shafran Issue of April 3, 2009 / 9 Nissan 5769 One day during my teenage years I began to think about what my father, may he be well, had been doing at my age. … more
The right angle By Rabbi Avi Shafran Issue of March 27, 2009 / 4 Nissan 5769 The title of Reform Rabbi David Forman’s column in the Jerusalem Post was certainly intriguing. “Let’s … more
Opinion: Right Angle By Rabbi Avi Shafran Issue of Feb. 27, 2009 / 3 Adar 5769 A bicentennial as jubilant as this year’s hasn’t been seen since the commemoration in 1976 of our … more
Opinion — Right Angle Issue of Feb. 20, 2009 / 26 Shevat 5769 Anyone who raised an eyebrow at charges that the “Hekhsher Tzedek” kosher-certification initiative … more
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