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If you walk all the way to the eastern end of Manhattan’s 25th Street, you’ll come upon a small plaque explaining why the site was given the name “Bristol Basin” in June … more
He and his family escaped the Nazis. His music will now be played where Hitler’s regime tested its weapons. The New York Philharmonic — in an event a decade in the making — will … more
As students moved with purpose toward the HAFTR High School auditorium last Thursday, the only light emanated from yahrzeit candles held by students who stood outside … more
Anti-Israel propagandists periodically suggest that Jews should have a state, just not in “Palestine.” I thought of that when I came across a short note written on Nov. 26, … more
This week marks the 80th anniversary of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s fateful decision to round up more than 130,000 Japanese-Americans and hold them in detention … more
The chairman of Yad Vashem on Tuesday invited Whoopi Goldberg to visit the Holocaust memorial museum in Jerusalem to learn more about the causes of the Shoah. The invitation came on the heels of a … more
In the course of a few days in January 1942 — 80 years ago — Hitler’s henchmen, including SS chieftain Reinhard Heydrich, Adolf Eichmann and other top members of the Third … more
Yet again, those who wanted to learn about “Maus” had to leapfrog obstacles. This time, it wasn’t the limitations … more
Shoah trivialization isn’t a new phenomenon, but it’s a “rising trend,” and it received a boost thanks to COVID-19, according to the Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM), whose … more
Standing in the foyer of her childhood home at Reilstraße 18 in Halle, Germany, 90-year-old Eve Kugler recalled fleeing her hometown soon after Kristallnacht when she was a girl of 7. Now, 83 … more
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