Media Bias
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The New York Times has rarely been good for the Jews or the Jewish state, despite the paper’s nominally Jewish ownership since 1896. At best, the Times’ coverage of Jews and Israel … more
Have you ever seen those contortionists who can tie their bodies up in knots? They can put their legs behind their heads and twist their arms backward. Journalists covering Israel have become … more
A legal-aid agency in New York City with a history of anti-Israel bias reached a settlement with a former Jewish employee, who claims that she was harassed and treated so poorly that she had to quit … more
Noa Tishby, 47, Israel’s inaugural special envoy for combating antisemitism and the delegitimization of Israel, is not known for holding punches. Her Feb. 21 talk at Duke University in Durham, … more
The Academy Awards is soon upon us. One film that will not be walking away with a large Oscar haul is Damien Chazelle’s “Babylon.” (It is nominated for three awards, none in major … more
This spiteful playground barb has been leveled at Jews in one form or another for centuries: “Then the L-rd G-d said to Moses, All the Jews shall have long noses.” While antisemitism … more
One of the mysteries of the war against Israel is the extent to which a monstrously twisted narrative about Israel and the Palestinian Arabs — casting the former as evil and the latter as … more
Dear Joe, On your podcast the other day you casually mentioned one of the most prominent and persistent anti-Jewish tropes the world has ever seen: the idea that Jews love money. But instead of … more
On Feb. 5, a New York Times front page article and web headline proclaimed, “In West Bank, Settlers Sense Their Moment After Far Right’s Rise.” This theme is expanded in the … more
Marcel Proust’s advice that people never meet their heroes lest they be disappointed fits to a T the Pink Floyd co-founder and erstwhile recluse Roger Waters. While I never actually thought … more
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