Rabbi Binny Freedman
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Visiting Poland is an overwhelming experience. It is a country in which a Jewish community flourished for a thousand years which now serves as a mass memorial to European Jewry. It is impossible to … more
It was known as shavua tirgolot, the week of training drills. It sounded pretty innocuous, but as it turned out, it was a week of hell. The IDF prides itself on being prepared for any eventuality, … more
In the summer of 1935, even after two years, they still didn’t get it. Germany had begun to gear up for the 1936 Olympics and Goebbels, the Nazi minister of propaganda, had made it his mission … more
One of the greatest gifts we have in this world is the ability to make choices in our lives. Though sometimes, we might wish we didn’t have to make those choices. Choices. Sometimes obvious, … more
What is the power of a hug? Sometimes it’s all about the context. Recently, someone sent me a story regarding a fellow named Yankel, a survivor of Auschwitz who began his journey there … more
How does one make life meaningful? How do we make sure that we are living every moment to its fullest potential? This week’s portion, Shemos, contains a powerful indication to Judaism’s … more
It should have been one of the most powerful and exciting days of my life. After eight grueling months, I was three days away from receiving my officer’s bars. A month-long test (navigation, … more
Sometimes, things seem so obvious you start to wonder why you are the only one who seems to get it.  This week’s portion, Miketz, begins with a fascinating story that gives us a glimpse … more
Prince Charming doesn’t always find Cinderella, and stories do not always have “happy” endings, as most of us learn the hard way. I remember once, after a harried chase, catching … more
One of the fascinating themes in Parashat Vayishlach is Ya’akov’s wrestling with an anonymous man, as the Torah states: “Vayivater Ya’akov levado (and Ya’akov was … more
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