Rabbi Binny Freedman
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In 1986, an Israeli fighter-plane was shot down over Lebanon; the pilot and navigator, safely ejected from the burning plane, found themselves trapped behind enemy lines. In one of the most … more
More than 1900 years ago, on the 17th day Tammuz, the end finally began. After two and a half years of siege, the Roman Legions broke through the ancient walls of Jerusalem and began their savage … more
I remember, as a high school student, hearing our rosh yeshiva, Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, relate one of the questions he used to ask when interviewing prospective rebbeim for our high … more
There is no more tragic figure in the entire Torah than Moshe Rabbeinu, our ultimate teacher. And there is no part of the story of his life in the Torah that is more confounding and mysterious … more
A few weeks ago, at a now much publicized Rosh Chodesh prayer service at the Kotel, things got ugly. As they have been doing for nearly 25 years, a group … more
This week’s parsha, Shelach, contains one of the most challenging stories in the entire Torah: the story of the spies. It’s an incredible moment in Jewish history. With the … more
Raymond Smullyan, in his book “5000 BC and Other Philosophical Fantasies,” posits the question of two identical twin brothers, one who always lies and the other who always tells the … more
There are moments in time one needs to forget. Often, though, these are moments we really need to remember. Such a moment came into my life on Aug 9th (the 20th of Av) in 2001. An beautiful … more
It was only a fraction of a moment of my time in the army, but it was a lesson I never forgot, though to this day I am undecided as to whether I agree with it. We were still in basic training, … more
Some lessons you learn the hard way, and they are never forgotten. In Infantry Officer’s training there is an obstacle course known as the “A’son Teva” (Freak of … more
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