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Our parasha, Sh’lach, contains a pasuk with a puzzling phrase: “These are the names of the men Moshe sent to scout the Land, and Moshe called ( vayikra Moshe ) Hoshea the son of Nun, … more
The beginning of our parasha, Beha’alotcha, discusses the kohane’s daily mitzvah to light the Menorah. The Torah then describes the construction of the Menorah: “This was the form … more
The beginning of our parasha, Emor, focuses upon a variety of laws that pertain solely to the kohanim. From a halachic perspective, they have little to do with the majority of the Jewish people, as … more
One of the most celebrated mitzvot of our parasha, Kedoshim, is “v’ahavta l’reicha kamocha (and you shall love your fellow Jew like yourself).” Rashi, citing the Midrash … more
Our natural inclination at this time of the year is to focus upon the phrase, zacher l’yetziat Mitzraim (a remembrance of the Exodus from Egypt. This is the case, since one of the major mitzvot … more
T he primary focus of our parasha, Tazria, is the illness known as tzaraat . In his commentary on the Torah, the Rashbam presents the unique nature of this disease: All of the sections dealing … more
L ike much of sefer Vayikra, our parasha, Tzav, focuses on the korbanot . Accordingly, the second verse presents the mitzvah of the korban olah: “Command ( tzav ) Aharon and his sons, … more
This Shabbat we will read Parashat Zachor which, according to the Shulchan Aruch, is a Torah-based mitzvah. In addition, it enables us to fulfill two of the three Taryag Mitzvot associated with … more
Sefer Shemot is a grand journey that takes us from the depths of Egyptian servitude to the construction of the Mishkan wherein Hashem’s Schechinah was revealed to the entire Jewish people. … more
T he best-known pasuk in our parasha, Terumah, is this: “And they shall make Me a sanctuary (mikdash) and I will dwell in their midst.” It is followed by many verses that specify every … more
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