Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb
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From the start of Genesis, we have been reading one long story extending over many centuries. It began with the creation of man and proceeded with the narrative of the transformation of a small … more
We have all heard the comment, “They don’t make them the way they used to,” with reference to all sorts of things, usually tools and utensils. Despite all the technological advances … more
The two old men couldn’t have been more different from each other, yet they both taught me the identical life lesson. The first, a cagey old Irishman, was one of my mentors in postgraduate … more
I have known more than my share of families torn by discord, families in which brothers and sisters have not spoken to each other in years. My experience in the field of family therapy has given … more
Envy is surely one of the most insidious of human emotions. It is a self-destructive emotion, because it often leads a person to act against his own best interests, as he attempts to redress the … more
There is an expression that we often use when we say goodbye. Most of us pay no attention to what we are saying. I doubt that very many of those who use the expression really mean it. I refer to … more
How do you define “maturity”? The dictionary definition asserts that it is a state of being full-grown, ripe, or fully developed. But I think that the common man gives a subjective … more
The professor was wrong. But in his field of expertise he was always right. His name was Dr. Dennis Wrong, and his surname made him the object of much teasing, at least during his childhood. He … more
This time, it was not I who was a few moments late, but rather Richard, who sheepishly mumbled an excuse as he entered the classroom. You will remember that Richard was … more
I read the story quite some time ago. It was told by a young woman who boarded an airplane early one winter Friday morning. She was on her way to Chicago from New York to spend a weekend there … more
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