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Pesach commemorates events that clearly defined our people’s history and purpose. So, when I happened upon a commentary on a Haggadah whose author’s name brings to mind events in my past, … more
In English references, names of our Jewish holidays are almost always listed and used in the Hebrew terms, even those that have English equivalents. That is all holidays, except one, Pesach, which … more
There are many high quality commentaries and translations on the Book of Exodus. Here are two that deserve your attention. “Redeeming Relevance In The Book Of Exodus” (Urim … more
In a rare observation concerning the saddest day on the Jewish liturgical calendar, Ahuva Gray, Chicago born granddaughter of sharecroppers from Mississippi and an adult convert to the Jewish … more
Only a British born and bred rabbi — Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks zt”l  — could have authored the following theologically-based teaching: To paraphrase Shakespeare, … more
The new book by Rabbi Boruch Oppen of Cedarhurst, “Lessons Learned From My Children,” leaves the reader with practical lessons extracted from normal life occurrences. Rabbi … more
The following is an excerpt from Rabbi Evan Hoffman’s “Parsha Themes in Historical Perspective,” published this summer by Gefen Publishing. This section is titled “The Missing … more
Beginning with Shabbos Chazon and until the Shabbos before Rosh Hashana every haftorah comes from the book of Yeshayahu. This column considers a book published by Artscroll in 2009, “Rav … more
Grenade! Grenade! The very mention of this word can send shudders down the spine of even the most battle hardened. The instinct is to run. However, on the first of Av in 2006, one brave … more
In “Lamentations: Faith In A Turbulent World,” Dr. Yael Ziegler interweaves careful literary analysis combining traditional and academic scholarship with attention to religious … more
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