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In “The Making of a Halachic Decision,” Rabbi Moshe Walter leads us through the route that has been traversed through the ages by our great halachic decisors. Using a simple … more
I n his essay “Megillat Ruth and the Story of Yehuda and Tamar: A Study in Biblical Contrast,” Rabbi Alex Israel of the Pardes Institute quotes the following the following from Ruth Rabba … more
This week’s book, “The Accidental Zionist” by Rabbi Ian Pear (New Song Publishers, 2008) is an informal, somewhat irreverent book, zany at times about subjects that are dead … more
The Pesach Seder may be the most observed family ritual on the Jewish calendar. Accordingly, many books deal with Pesach observances, and I’ve referenced several in recent columns. This … more
W ith the onset of Pesach, I find the study of the historical and philosophical side of our religious tradition to be of great inspiration in getting myself into the “holiday mood.” Thus, … more
Here we are, on the cusp of the holiday of Pesach that in every manner of theme and observance surely defines us as a people. To help us prepare to respond to our children who may questions the … more
Purim is now behind us and the next time we are going to witness a full moon is exactly one month from now, Pesach. With that exciting thought in mind, I was taken by an essay by Dr. Adele Berlin in … more
Rabbi Daniel Rose wrote the following that will serve as the keynote to this week’s essay: “These days of Purim,” the Book of Esther says, “should be remembered and … more
Perhaps the two most popular literary works on the Jewish calendar are the Megillah and the Haggadah. Here are two unusual commentaries that pull together ancient pshat and drash in a modern lingo … more
Editor’s note: With life in Russia increasingly under the gun, and with its Jews again in the crosshairs, we revisit this column from 2013. How ironic that a published history of the … more
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