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I clearly remember the first time we took our daughter apple picking because it was my first time also. (I must have missed those school trips.) She was about 2-1/2 … more
Sometimes, it is the little things that children remember and carry with them into the next generation. I wonder if that is why we have continued to build sukkot each year for so many millennia? We … more
D uring the past few years, I have noticed that more than a few of my friends and relatives have become vegetarians (or “mostly vegetarians”). And there’s been a lot of … more
Coaxing the edible seeds out of a pomegranate is a popular how-to topic. Some swear by the whack-with-a-wooden-spoon method; others massage out those ruby-red arils in a bowl of water to keep things … more
I know, I know; it’s summer. Must we think of all the cooking now? With the sun beating down, camp finishing up and vacations still in the works, who’s ready for packing book … more
I loved having my kids home in the summer; it was the perfect time to get them involved in the kitchen and get them interested in nutritious food — from growing it in the garden to … more
After a year-and-a-half of hunkering down, we are free at last—at least, for the most part—and this Fourth of July will be one to remember. Many of us tend to forget the origin of … more
Star Trek had its replicator. Now Israel has Robot Chef, a standalone unit that creates food items on the spot, to the diner’s specifications. It won’t be as quick as when Jean-Luc … more
T he Great American Burger is a treat whose history goes back to a rather unpleasant individual who created this type of meat in a rather unpleasant way. It seems that Genghis Khan and his … more
Besides being best known as the holiday which celebrates the Torah and the Ten Commandments, Shavuot is also an agricultural holiday in Israel, marking the final grain … more
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