Mitchell Bard
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IT will be 30 years in September since a grim Yitzhak Rabin shook hands on the White House lawn with a beaming Yasser Arafat following the signing of the Declaration of Principles … more
Have you ever seen those contortionists who can tie their bodies up in knots? They can put their legs behind their heads and twist their arms backward. Journalists covering Israel have become … more
One of the reasons that descriptions of college and university campuses as universally antisemitic or hostile to Israel are so inaccurate is that they ignore the overwhelming majority of both … more
A new documentary, “The Devil’s Confessions: The Lost Eichmann Tapes,” will allow viewers to hear Adolf Eichmann speak about his role in the Final Solution. The recordings … more
Harvard made headlines when it set up a $100 million endowment fund to research and redress its “extensive entanglements with slavery.” While Harvard’s role … more
Anti-Israel propagandists periodically suggest that Jews should have a state, just not in “Palestine.” I thought of that when I came across a short note written on Nov. 26, … more
For months, Jews have been talking about the upsurge in anti-Semitism; polls have indicated American Jews are experiencing unprecedented levels of anti-Semitism and fear its spread. It was … more