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The world looks a lot different from Kibbutz Kfar Aza than it does in the United States or any other point on the planet. The difference is obvious in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or anywhere else in Israel. … more
What will happen if Hamas is allowed to win this war? If Hamas is permitted to accomplish what it intended by its mass murders, kidnappings and rapes? If the victims … more
If you’re a Broadway theater fan, you’re probably familiar with Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. It’s a nonprofit organization that, as its name reflects, helps to mitigate the … more
The war in Gaza is prying open a potentially game-changing fissure in British politics that has wider implications for the Western world. Last weekend, a recording surfaced … more
That old image of the Jewish family with a packed suitcase at the ready in case they are compelled to suddenly leave their home has returned with a vengeance across Europe. In France and … more
In 1860, a relatively unknown one-term congressman named Abraham Lincoln stunned the country by prevailing over three prominent rivals — William Seward, Salmon Chase, and Edward Bates — … more
With Shabbos Shekalim and Adar II approaching, our minds, hearts and, yes, our pocketbooks are once again focused upon the most joyous of holidays, Purim. In the winter holidays volume of his … more
People are motivated by many things. The search for pleasure is certainly one of the great motivators of human beings. So is the search for power and the search for riches. There are also those among … more
One of the most important Jewish contributions to our understanding of leadership is its early insistence of what, in the eighteenth century, Montesquieu called “the separation of … more
N o one really knows what our ancient ancestors ate in their caves, but scholars who have studied them believe they ate mostly vegetation, and some evidence shows they ate as much as 4 to 6 pounds of … more
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