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It has been nothing but nonstop bedlam in America. Look around. Chaos is everywhere, along with declining public confidence in just about everything. We have a surreal southern border crisis … more
In his Israel Apartheid Week address at Duke University a few weeks ago, radical Palestinian poet Mohammed el-Kurd advocated “Palestinian liberation,” telling his cheering … more
Harvard made headlines when it set up a $100 million endowment fund to research and redress its “extensive entanglements with slavery.” While Harvard’s role … more
In recent years we have often felt plagued by reports of Israeli and Jewish leaders whose immoral actions had been exposed. A president guilty of sexual abuse. A prime minister indicted on … more
Carl Jung had an anti-Semitic streak and was, at least for a time, sympathetic to the Nazi cause. Yet he was one of the major psychological theorists of the 20th century, and his insights into … more
The sidra begins, “Say to the kohanim the descendants of Aaron.” The definition of the kohanim as descending from Aaron seems too obvious to need iteration. We know who they are … more
Chapter 23 of our parasha, Emor, known as parashat hamoadim,” contains the Torah-based chagim we encounter throughout the Jewish year. “And Hashem spoke to Moshe, saying, … more
It was in 1896 that Theodor Herzl published his groundbreaking book, The Jewish State, which launched the modern Zionist movement. Though his project was, as he noted in his book, “very … more
Did Russian President Vladimir Putin really apologize to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett for the atrocious remarks on the Holocaust uttered by his Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov? There … more
The United States will commemorate Memorial Day on May 30, a holiday established in 1868 to mourn members of the armed forces who died in the Civil War. My wife, remembering her father, a World … more
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