Unwrap DOV The Gift on YouTube


As his YouTube video hits close to 25,000 views in just one month, Dov Hoschander supports the Israel Defense Forces with his song and inspires all who listen. Dov, who grew up in West Hempstead and now resides in Manhattan, has been singing his whole life but not until he prayed Hu Yivarech on the Internet, his original song for the IDF, did he become a worldwide sensation.

“I got the idea when I asked my Aunt in Israel about how does an Israeli mother send her son off to the army, and she answered, Israeli mothers don’t sleep.” Dov was inspired. He wanted to get everybody to support the IDF and pray for them. He wrote Hu Yivarech and then with the help of Aviv Vana, an Israeli filmmaker, the music video was created.

Dov’s musical background stemmed from HANC and Queens College’s acapella group Tizmoret. “My music is different, I like to call it Jewish pop with an up beat.”

Dov explains about the fresh-faced soldiers in his video. “We don’t always envision how young they are. They are very young and they’re not in the mall; they’re in the army.”

As Dov explores the next step in his new-found attention and success, his YouTube hits continue to climb and go viral. His website www.dovmusic.com which contains the video also offers a glimpse into the making of the video in the Old City of Jerusalem. “Everyone always wants to know how we got that microphone to just be suspended in thin air; I was communicating with the heavens.” The video can also be seen directly on YouTube by typing “Dov IDF” or “Dov Hu Yivarech”. Of the many comments on YouTube, one seems to explain the reason for Dov’s triumph.

A listener shares, “As a mother of a chayal boded [a lone soldier] and an 'only son serving' in the IDF, I feel this amazing song and video is made for me!! Hashem should just protect all of them!!”

Hu Yivarech is part of Dov’s album, DOV The Gift.