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Hadassah rips biased judgement by the UN


Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America, has criticized the June 12 report of the United Nations Commission of Inquiry, saying it shows “the same bias and distortion as its previous ones, including blaming Israel for both Hamas’s Oct. 7 attack and its response in self-defense.”

The commission’s “dangerous efforts to downplay and justify Hamas’s terrorism and disregard for the lives of Palestinian civilians pave the way for violent extremists across the globe to rape and murder civilians with impunity,” stated Hadassah national president Carol Ann Schwartz.

The report “ignored the overwhelming evidence and failed to hold Hamas responsible for its crimes against humanity, including the clear and systematic weaponization of sexual violence on Oct. 7 and beyond,” said Schwartz.

She called on the United Nations to end the commission, asserting that it comprises “clearly biased commissioners who have repeatedly made antisemitic statements and excused Hamas’s terrorism.”

Hadassah called for Secretary-General António Guterres, the “to condemn Hamas for its weaponization of sexual violence against Israeli women and girls on and since Oct. 7 and to call these crimes what they are: crimes against humanity.”