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You have to live in a bubble of New York Times readers and NPR listeners to think that what happens on “Saturday Night Live” is of earth-shattering importance. But the controversy over … more
The people we choose to admire speaks volumes about ourselves. That’s true of individuals but perhaps even more so of societies. Perhaps the fact that so many people around the world seem … more
After more than a century of biased reporting about Israel, contempt for Zionism and Israel, and a lack of interest in reporting about anti-Semitism, readers are right to regard any coverage of … more
It’s long past the point in today’s hyper-partisan atmosphere where anyone should be surprised at how low and how dishonest political discourse can be. But is it really too much to … more
Salman Rushdie has once again been reduced to a symbol in the West’s sometimes ineffective efforts to defend freedom against Islamist terrorism. The Indian-born author was a highly … more
How much of what is wrong with the country can be placed on the media? Much of the deep division between left and right — with increasingly little room left in the center — is driven … more
If a ceasefire holds, the latest fighting between Israel and Palestinian terrorists in Gaza won’t have changed much in a conflict … more
That a UN official would go on the record with anti-Semitic comments ought to be enough to engender outrage and involve consequences for the person involved. But sometimes, a controversy over … more
If you’re old enough to remember the darkest days of the movement to free Soviet Jewry, the news last week that the Russian Justice Ministry has asked a court to close down the operations … more
The organized Jewish community and the religious denominations say they’re committed to two positions. On the one hand, all of them purport to be strong supporters of social justice, … more
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