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To the editor, I must take issue with Jonathan Tobin’s article on the vile graduation speech by Fatima Mousa Mohammed [“Defund campus radicalism and antisemitism,” June 9]. … more
It was the summer of 2007 when I took my sons to Israel to see the Land, and spend precious time with family and friends. One outing was to an olive press in Shilo. People were busy working in all phases of this lively operation and a tour guide greeted us and proceeded to educate us. more
Why is it ok for homeowners on Broadway in Lawrence, Cedarhurst and Woodmere to ignore their responsibility to shovel the sidewalks in front of their homes? Time and again, days and days after a snowstorm, pedestrians must struggle to walk on the sidewalks, risking a fall on the ice and packed snow. more
To the editor: I very much appreciated your article on the recent Nefesh B’Nefesh flight [July 26]. Not only did you cover all of the facts, but the piece made me feel as if I actually knew the people that you mentioned in the story. more
Article on Rabbi sparks memories To the Editor: Your article about Rabbi Chaim Aryeh Leib Schwartzblatt, a mashgiach at the JASA kosher kitchen in Far Rockaway, brought back memories [“From Holocaust’s ruins, a life of learning and teaching,” July 5]. The Rabbi Shulman, to whom he referred, who asked him to take on the position of mashgiach, was my late husband, Rabbi Nahum Shulman, a”h. For 20 years Rabbi Shulman was the Rabbi of Congregation Bais Tefila, the shul that served the JASA residents. In addition to serving as spiritual leader of the congregation, Rabbi Shulman was the Rav Hamachshir for the kosher kitchen, JASA’s large food program. Rabbi Shulman’s appointment of Rabbi Schwartzblatt as mashgiach was an inspired decision. Rabbi Schwartzblatt has brought a unique personal history and Torah learning to his position. My family and I wish him continued good health and fulfillment in all that he does. — Mrs. Anita Shulman more
In his letter to the editor [“The president, not Dunetz view, changed,” July 5], Michael Brenner asked. “One wonders: Did Jeff Dunetz change his mind, or is it just that the party in the White House changed?” If Mr. Brenner had read my article more closely he might have noticed this paragraph where I talked about my change of opinion: more
Dear Editor: I read, with great interest, the article “Irish eyes aren’t smiling on Israel” [The Jewish Star, June 28] and the quote from Paddy Monaghan asserting that the Irish “are relational people. Israel needs to take the time to explain…” Unfortunately, my two trips to Dublin, in the 1970s and 1982, convinced me otherwise. more
Dear Editor, I was pleased to read your article about Dr. Eyal Gur [FIDF helps Israeli veteran MD run, bike and hike, May 17]. Dr. Gur for many years had been a member of Beit Halochem, the sports and rehabilitation centers of the Zahal Disabled Veteran Organization. This is the organization that is supported by the FIDV 5Towns 5K. In the past he had even been a speaker for Beit Halochem. more
Dear Friends: This is an open letter which concludes with a notice of cancellation of Sunday’s event at the Great Neck Synagogue. The synagogue, and particularly Rabbi Polakoff, merit a debt from American Jewry for an instinctive understanding of the need to awaken us all to a gathering storm. In the end, the pressure from left-wing Jews, deliberate media ignorance, “shtetl” mentality which informs that a problem goes away if you ignore / do not discuss it; and the resulting enormous cost burden for security and the fear engendered in our school kids’ parents - was simply too great a cost for the synagogue to bear. more
To the Editor: The Community Coalition of the Five Towns wishes to thank all residents of the community for their support in defeating the March 20 public referendum to sell the Number Six School to Simone Healthcare. more
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