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An article I recently read about Shavuot spoke about the dramatic noises, fire and seismic activity surrounding Moses’ receipt of the Torah. If one is to believe Cecil B. DeMille, there was a … more
If there was ever a holiday that celebrates the strength and intelligence of women, Shavuot is it. Yes, I know that this joyous holiday is most commonly associated with Moses bringing the words … more
When I was a kid, my mother made fish once a week, usually on Thursday nights. I hated it. No matter what fish she made or how she prepared it (she baked and broiled, fried and poached and even made … more
Pesach’s not over yet … but soon enough, we’ll be turning over our kitchens and begin our post-holiday spring cooking. There’ll be no better time to enjoy fresh … more
During my preparations this year, I found myself reflecting on our kitchen and the 44 Pesachs we have spent there. My mental wanderings have, through the years, taken me from believing my kitchen … more
I love the confluence of Pesach and spring. Warmer weather, longer days and lots of spring vegetable in the markets just in time for the sedorim and beyond. The food for Passover can be … more
This is one of my favorite times of year —I get to clean out the pantry and start all over again after Passover. It is the time to use up all the half bags of rice and pasta and cans of beans … more
Translated, “mishloach manot” means “sending of portions.” So, on Purim, we send delicious foods to our friends and family. We have a long, ingrained and biblical tradition … more
The idea of using food as medicine is nothing new. Maimonides believed in using food to prevent and treat illness and to maintain health. But what if your health is already in the throes of a cold or … more
When I was a kid, each week for ten weeks before Tu B’Shevat (which begins Sunday night, Feb. 5), we brought 10 cents to school and bought a stamp which formed another leaf of a tree which, … more
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