Rabbi Binny Freedman
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What is the power of a hug? Sometimes it’s all about the context. Recently, someone sent me a story regarding a fellow named Yankel, a survivor of Auschwitz who began his journey there … more
How does one make life meaningful? How do we make sure that we are living every moment to its fullest potential? This week’s portion, Shemos, contains a powerful indication to Judaism’s … more
It should have been one of the most powerful and exciting days of my life. After eight grueling months, I was three days away from receiving my officer’s bars. A month-long test (navigation, … more
Sometimes, things seem so obvious you start to wonder why you are the only one who seems to get it.  This week’s portion, Miketz, begins with a fascinating story that gives us a glimpse … more
Prince Charming doesn’t always find Cinderella, and stories do not always have “happy” endings, as most of us learn the hard way. I remember once, after a harried chase, catching … more
One of the fascinating themes in Parashat Vayishlach is Ya’akov’s wrestling with an anonymous man, as the Torah states: “Vayivater Ya’akov levado (and Ya’akov was … more
Once, in the midst of a class, I noticed a student’s eyes begin to water. We were having a discussion about identity, and how we tap into who we really are. In tears, he explained how he had … more
Do we have the right to test G-d? Can we sit back and wait for G-d to give us a sign as to what we are meant to do? Or perhaps we are meant to live in somewhat of a fog, so as to preserve intact our … more
I still don’t know how he made it into Infantry Officer’s course, but I do know how difficult it was for him. Overweight, and far from being an athlete, the physical challenges … more
Chapter 28 in last week’s parsha of Ki Tavo is one of the most difficult and harrowing chapters in the entire Torah. Yet, along with chapter 30 in this … more
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