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Innocent people of color were assaulted by a racist mob this past weekend. The victims were guilty of being the “wrong” color. The wrong color license plate, that is. It happened in … more
Have you ever seen those contortionists who can tie their bodies up in knots? They can put their legs behind their heads and twist their arms backward. Journalists covering Israel have become … more
Once upon a time, Roger Waters was a hero in Germany. In July 1990, a few months after the razing of the Berlin Wall, the former Pink Floyd frontman performed the group’s 1979 album “The … more
Why is “vayikra,” the first word of our parasha and the namesake of Sefer Vayikra, written with a diminutive aleph as its final letter? In his commentary on the Torah entitled Ba’al … more
Visiting Poland is an overwhelming experience. It is a country in which a Jewish community flourished for a thousand years which now serves as a mass memorial to European Jewry. It is impossible to … more
Here are two complaints that are heard frequently nowadays: “There is no such thing as privacy anymore.” “There are no secrets anymore.” We live in a world of cell phones … more
It was never my ambition or aspiration to be a rabbi. I went to university to study economics, then switched to philosophy. I also had a fascination with the great British courtroom lawyers, … more
Naomi Ross of Woodmere recently published the acclaimed kosher cookbook, “The Giving Table.” Folding chairs lined the hallway wall like dutiful soldiers in expectation of arriving … more
Pesach commemorates events that clearly defined our people’s history and purpose. So, when I happened upon a commentary on a Haggadah whose author’s name brings to mind events in my past, … more
A delegation of people from Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria and Turkey visited recently 3 to learn about the Holocaust as a way to promote tolerance. The visit, during which … more
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