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When news broke two weeks ago that Harvard University’s Kennedy School had refused a fellowship to former Human Rights Watch head Ken Roth, I did not hesitate to applaud their principled … more
A rather remarkable open letter was recently issued by a group of left-wing Jewish organizations, defending a confirmed antisemite. Rep. Ilhan Omar, and deriding House Speaker Kevin … more
The Nazis murdered six million Jews in their blitzkrieg toward a “Final Solution.” Last week, students at the University of Michigan advanced their own “Solution”: an … more
Should I start with the good news? Okay. If you are a secular Jew who does not wear religious symbols, skullcaps and attire, isn’t walking toward a synagogue or waving an Israeli flag and … more
In “It’s a strange time to be a Jew, but when isn’t it?” Herald guest columnist Alan Singer adds his voice to the mainstreaming of Jew-hatred and Israel-bashing in our communities. … more
The author, reporter for the Wantagh and Seaford Heralds, is not Jewish. The following 16 words are engraved on the tombstone of Martin Niemoller, a German Lutheran pastor who was imprisoned at … more
From the moment Yasser Arafat launched his long-planned second intifada against Israel in 2000, the most brazen lies about both Jews and Israel were relentlessly told and widely believed. For years, … more
A high-profile White House roundtable on antisemitism last week was followed on Monday with the establishment of an inter-agency group to coordinate US government efforts “to counter … more
As if to confirm its reputation as an institution stewing in radical anti-Zionism, anti-Israelism and antisemitism, members of CUNY4Palestine and other activists did their best to disrupt and shut … more
Since I started writing about antisemitism about a decade ago, I’ve had trouble answering one question: Why are Jews, who excel in fields from science to literature to music, so bad at … more
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