YOSS ECC creates new ‘Sense-Sational’ gym


Lots of people have heard of the book, “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten,” but at the early childhood center of the Yeshiva of South Shore in Hewlett, a new book might be written titled, “All I Really Need to Know, I Learned from the Six Days of Creation.”

With this theme in mind, YOSS created a new multi-sensory room. Decorated with large murals, representing each day of creation, the room has a light table, chalkboard wall, water table, and a Rock Wall of Fame — which children climb the to reach the sun, moon and stars on the ceiling.

Another feature is a “Plant it Tarium” where green houses are filled with different plants related to themes throughout the year.

This idea is the creation of ECC Director Elana Fertig, who wondered why, if “we have an amazing sensory gym for children who are getting PT or OT services, why shouldn’t everyone be able to benefit from a sensory room?”

The room offers an original, first-of-its-kind museum-like experience. It will be used as indoor play area, where children can explore, problem-solve, develop their STEM skills, and, most importantly, have fun!