YHT snow day


Kol HaKavod to the teachers who didn’t let a snow day stop Torah learning at Yeshiva Har Torah, arranging for shiurim by conference call and Google Classroom.

Rabbi Eisenberger’s class continued its study of BaMidbar, learning about the requirement to always carry the Aron in the midbar, which represents our need to carry and learn the Torah always (even on a snow day!).

Rabbi Dworetsky’s class continued gemara discussion on teilu v’eilu divrei Elokim chaim. Rabbi Dov Fried’s class learned halachot pertaining to hilchot muktzah and snow and heard stories about the mesirut hanefesh of gedolim and simple Jews who, despite the difficulty, attended a shiur during a blizzard and did acts of chesed. Rabbi (Tuvia) Fried’s class focused on the menorah in the mishkan. Morah Gavarin’s class learned to look at challenges in a positive way.

Morah Mittelman’s class focused on the week’s parasha. Rabbi Rosenfeld’s class focused on a lesson from parashat hashavua regarding how Pharaoh “forgot” Yosef and how important it is to never let hakarat hatov (gratitude) expire.