YHT families together for first Yom Chesed


On a recent Sunday morning, students, families, teachers, and administrators of Yeshiva Har Torah in Queens gathered for the school’s first Yom Chesed.

More than 200 people worked on projects to benefit One Family Fund, Bikur Cholim of North Shore University Hospital, the Interfaith Nutrition Network, Kids Need to Read, and Billy’s Baseballs. Collectively, the participants helped victims of terror in Israel, patients in a local hospital, residents of a local homeless shelter, students at underfunded schools, and members of the US Armed Forces.

The day began with Shacharit and breakfast, after which participants split up into different themed rooms. In each room, participants completed projects for one of the beneficiary organizations.

 “It was a very proud day for Yeshiva Har Torah,” said Rabbi Gary Menchel, head of school. “It was a way to start our year being selfless and taking time out of our day to help others, while building school community at the same time.”

“It was a great way to build camaraderie with other families while doing something so meaningful,” said YHT parent Paul Hurwitz. “It gave us the opportunity to teach our children the true meaning of chesed through actions.”