YCQ student Tashlich at Flushing Meadows


Fifth graders at the Yeshiva of Central Queens traveled to the lake at Flushing Meadows Park to participate in the mitzvah of Tashlich.

They were joined by their principal, Rabbi Mark Landsman; judaic studies assistant principal, Rabbi Michael Ribalt; and their rabbeim and morot.

Each student was asked to spend time reflecting on the past year, then given a piece of soluble paper to write down a middah that they would like to work on. They then threw the paper into the lake, creating an image that should continue to inspire them throughout the year to work towards their full potential.

The program was designed to instill an understanding that Hashem gives us a chance to do better and that we need to take that opportunity, but that we can’t just say it. To really make a change we must continue to work on our middot every day. 

“I like that I have a chance to erase all the bad things and really commit to making changes,” said Nataniel Aranbaiev.