Yachad IVDU drivers ed


The Marylin and Sheldon David IVDU boys upper school in Brooklyn offers driver’s ed to eligible students. 

IVDU, a network of OU Yachad schools for those with mild-to-moderate learning, social and developmental delays, is the first special education school in New York State to offer eligible students a DMV-approved driver’s education course.

As of Nov. 2, IVDU was offering driver’s ed as part of the career training program 

Students 16 and older deemed eligible by their parents and a clinical team of psychologists are learning the standardized Empire State driver’s curriculum, slightly modified to accommodate participants’ unique learning styles. The course is taught by the same instructor who oversees the program in mainstream Brooklyn schools.

“At the end of the day, our boys will take the same test as their peers in mainstream schools, and emerge with the same skills needed to be responsible drivers,” said Faigy Augenstein, director of IVDU’s career training program.

IVDU Head of School Rabbi Michoel Druin said he was proud they can offer students such a critical life skill as they prepare to launch into adulthood — something that would not have been possible without Yachad’s support.

“Any student who can, should be able to get a driver’s license,” Rabbi Druin said.

IVDU has four campuses in Brooklyn and the Five Towns.