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Torres rips GOP for blocking Israel aid, says Putin-loving Carlson should move to Russia


Ritchie Torres, Riverdale’s progressive Democratic congressman — and staunchest supporter of Israel in the House of Representatives — expressed renewed disappointment on Tuesday as House Republicans continued to block emergency aid to Israel. House Speaker Mike Johnson vowed to kill a $95 billion aid bill passed on Tuesday by the Democratic-controlled Senate.

The bill. which supports Ukraine and Taiwan as well as Israel, appeared doomed in the House, where Republicans said no new foreign defense appropriations would be approved until America’s borders are properly defended. House Republicans have said that they would honor former President Trump’s insistence that they not approve substantive border legislation until after the November presidential eleciton, including legislation that passed with bipartisan support in the Senate.

“I’m pessimistic because we’ve seen nothing but disfunciton, incompetence and extremism from House Republicans under speaker Johnson,” Torres said.

Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson, the former FoxNews host who reportedly has Trump’s ear, paid homage to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. And he described Moscow as “so much nicer than any city in my country, so much cleaner, and prettier aesthetically — its architecture, its food, its service.”

Torres quipped on X: “Tucker Carlson should stay in Moscow.”