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Torres: Israel guarded Islamic sites


Progressive Democratic Rep. Rep. Ritchie Torres responded to video footage showing intercepted Iranian munitions over the Temple Mount.

“Israel protected Al-Aqsa Mosque from destruction at the hands of Iran. Are the Anti-Israel haters going to thank Israel for protecting one of the holiest sites in Islam? No,” the congressman, whose district includes Riverdale and mostly-minority areas of the Bronx, wrote on social media.

“Are the Anti-Israel haters going to condemn Iran for endangering one of the holiest sites in Islam? No,” he added. “Selective outrage is their modus operandi.”

In another post, Torres wrote:

“Even though Iran literally fired hundreds of missiles — drones, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles — against civilian areas in Israel, attempting mass murder, many in the media have dismissed Iran’s unprecedented attack on Israel as ‘limited’.”

“Critics cannot help but downplay the actual wrongs against Israel and overplay the fictional wrongs by Israel,” he said.