SKA girls put muscle behind chessed


For SKA students last week, chessed meant action and not words.

Eleventh and twelfth graders did the ultimate chessed shel emet, volunteering with at the Hebrew Free Burial Association to rake thousands of leaves in a Silver Lake Cemetery on Staten Island (also saying tehillim for the neshamot of those buried there).

Ninth Graders aided organizations in Brooklyn — Otsar, a social service organization for adults and children with developmental disabilities; Masbia, a  soup kitchen providing hot nutritious meals in a dignified setting; and Bobbie’s Place, where new childrens’ clothing is available for free to families in need.

Tenth Graders brought their enthusiasm to IVDU, where special needs students are offered a nurturing environment. They entertained the IVDU students with games and arts and crafts and participated in sensitivity training workshops with IVDU staff members.

The SKA girls believed they made a difference in their chessed. The more they gave, they noted, the happier they felt.