Gaza War

PA: Oct. 7 times 100


A Palestinian Authority official warned on social media over the weekend that the Oct. 7 massacre could “repeat itself 100 times, and perhaps even more seriously.”

According to the Palestinian Media Watch research institute, PA leader Mahmoud Abbas’s religious affairs and Islamic relations adviser, Mahmoud al-Habbash, posted the threat on his Facebook page on Saturday.

The post, translated from Arabic by PMW, reads in full: “If the Palestinian cause is not justly, comprehensively and permanently resolved, at least on the basis of international legitimacy, at least on the basis of the UN resolutions, then Oct. 7 can repeat itself 100 times, and perhaps even more seriously.”

Last fall, in his first public statement after Hamas invaded Israel, terrorist Yahya Sinwar threatened multiple repeat performances.

“The leaders of the occupation [Israel] should know, Oct. 7 was just a rehearsal,” Sinwar said.

“Yahya Sinwar is the face of evil. He is the mastermind behind this, like [Osama] bin Laden was,” said Israel Defense Forces International Spokesperson Lt. Col. Richard Hecht. “He built his career on murdering Palestinians when he understood they were collaborators. That’s how he became known as the butcher of Khan Yunis [in southern Gaza].”

Simwar as convicted on multiple murder counts by an Israeli court and sentenced to five life sentences, which he was supposed to serve until his death, but in October 2011 he was released from prison — having served only 22 years — as part of the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange.