Letter:Unchanged Dunetz fights back


In his letter to the editor [“The president, not Dunetz view, changed,” July 5], Michael Brenner asked. “One wonders: Did Jeff Dunetz change his mind, or is it just that the party in the White House changed?” If Mr. Brenner had read my article more closely he might have noticed this paragraph where I talked about my change of opinion.

“When FISA (the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978) was passed, many people (including me) naïvely thought it would only be used to spy upon U.S./Foreign communication and all with some sort of probable cause. Now we know they are collecting data from all communications, all interaction with the Internet, even that which is totally domestic.”

One might disagree with my opinions, but one thing I take pride in is always being honest with readers. If a position in a commentary is a change from an earlier position, I will always point the change out and explain the rationale for the change. I would invite Mr. Brenner to look for those references in future posts. Jeffrey Dunetz