Letter:My personal oath


It was the summer of 2007 when I took my sons to Israel to see the Land, and spend precious time with family and friends. One outing was to an olive press in Shilo. People were busy working in all phases of this lively operation and a tour guide greeted us and proceeded to educate us.

We were instructed as to how these juicy green olives would create incredibly healthy, flavorful oil. At the end of our tour we tasted and purchased this precious commodity, walking away with new knowledge and beautifully labeled cans and bottles of oil.

For that first Shabbos I made a delicious dip with this oil combining different spices as the oil takes on the taste of the spices perfectly. Coming back from our trip brought on a burning desire to do something different and so I made My Personal Oath.

I decided to only buy olive oil from Israel, then wine, spices, teas, honey, preserves, vanilla. Rapidly My Personal Oath took on a life of its own. In the last seven years I’ve found many other items that are a Product of Israel.  The list is unlimited and so is the availability. And each time I open the spice cabinet I see Hebrew letters jumping off the product labels and the fragrance is beyond divine.

My Personal Oath comes alive every time with each scent, taste, dip and recipe. My friends know I’ll always bring Israeli wine, an olive oil or tea selection for Shabbos or Chag. It’s gotten so easy, My Personal Oath.  

So, do your share and buy Israeli products — make it Your Personal Oath!

Rhonda Olenick, Far Rockaway