Kulanu inclusion


In our community, there are families of children with special needs who are unable to enroll their children in local yeshivot.

The child might not be a fit for the yeshiva or the yeshiva might not be able to provide the services that a special needs student requires. As a result, they may not have an opportunity to experience school in a manner than their siblings do. For the past 17 years, Kulanu, through its Torah L’Kulanu division, has offered a yeshiva inclusion program. Students with special needs, who are attending public school, are invited to integrate into classes at local yeshivot during their holiday breaks.

During the public school’s recent December break, 18 participants benefited both socially and academically from this program. Eligible students with disabilities attended classes at HAFTR, HALB and SKA and were supported by peer shadows provided by each school.

Many participants in previous inclusion weeks later enrolled in local yeshivas, a testament to the positive experience of inclusion programming. The next holiday yeshiva inclusion program will run during Presidents week from Feb. 20 through 23.

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