Kosher Critic: Motzei Shabbat on Madison Avenue


As we progress into winter, the days grow shorter and Motzei Shabbat grows longer. On these long weekend nights the ritual of pizza and a movie is a good option but once you have done that for three weeks in a row, it becomes a tedious activity. Besides, my wife and I still like to be able to get dressed up and go out to some place elegant where we can have a quiet intimate diner experience. Fortunately, Solo, located at 550 Madison Ave, has once again opened its doors for Saturday nights.
Solo’s interior is designed with a modern sophistication that creates a wonderfully personal atmosphere perfect for a date, a couple’s night out or a family gathering. The menu is classical and yet progressive in its offerings and the restaurant’s wine list is fantastic I suggest the 2008 Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon although if you are not into wine make a point of trying the Solo House Punch that is delicious and refreshing.
We began our meal at Solo with the Porcini Mushroom Velouté a savory mushroom soup served with white truffle oil and caramelized onions. The Velouté is savory and rich and has a wonderful velvety texture that lives up to the French meaning of its name. From there we had the Big Eye Tuna Tartar and the Buffalo Chicken Lollipops. The Tuna Tartar was fabulous as I expected it to be and Solo’s addition of mango sauce it was served with really brightened the inherent flavor in the tuna. The Buffalo Chicken Lollipops however were more than just fabulous. They were a work of genius in their whimsical and amazing execution. Essentially the dish is a chicken meatball skewered and then fried inside of a wonton skin. The result is a flawlessly gourmet version of a guilty pleasure food that is normally eaten with a bib. The flavor was rich and spicy and the wonton skin and meatball perfectly mimicked the texture of well fried chicken.

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