Kosher Critic: 5771: a good year for good eating


As we approach Rosh Hashanah I think back to my time at Yeshivas Rabbeinu Yisrael Meir HaKohen. I remember our rebbeim putting a heavy emphasis on preparing ourselves for the coming Days of Awe by taking an introspective look back on our year and making amends with those whom we have wronged. I would like to start with the amends first.
After carefully thinking about it, I realize that I am long overdue to apologize to a group that I have repeatedly offended.
That group is the Kosher Vegans who have consistently raised objections to my articles because of my implied advocacy of a carnivorous lifestyle.
I took their admonishment with a grain of salt. After perusing their comments and websites, it seemed to me that their arguments for veganism were grossly misinformed ­— with more emotion then intellect.
But I realize now that I was very wrong and that these wonderful vegans were simply trying to impart to me their sense of moral justice and compassion.
Admirably, they have decided to ignore the obvious health risks associated with veganism and stand for what they believe is right no matter how deficient in B12 they may be. These beautiful souls have chosen to brave the reality that is iron and calcium deficiency and possible megaloblastic anemia because no matter how many volumes of halachic text there may be to support the eating of meat they will not bow to the pressures of self-preservation if it means hurting an animal.
Taking a look back on the culinary year 5771, I have been fortunate enough to sample a few truly excellent dishes at a number of outstanding restaurants. After carefully considering everything I have tried in the course of my restaurant reviews I have come up with the top three dishes I have eaten this year:

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