Jonathan Greenstein: Antique Judaica collector’s corner


Dear Mr. Greenstein,

 I recently read your online article about your expertise in evaluating antique Judaica.

Attached are photos of a silver B’samim Box I was given by the National Jewish Welfare Board about 45 years ago while serving as an army chaplain on Fort Ord, CA. I understood that the JWB received pieces of Judaica retrieved from destroyed synagogues following World War II. It distributed a number of such pieces to chaplains serving at the time it relocated it headquarters in 1968 or 1969.

Could you please give your opinion as to the background and value of the piece? I have no intent to sell it as it is a significant memento of my years as a chaplain.


Thank you for your attention,

 Bob Gill

Hey Bob,

This wonderful spice tower was made in Vienna, Austria about 130 years ago. it would sell for $900 or so in the retail collectors market!


Jonathan Greenstein