Herut NA offers free security guidebook


Reacting to recent attacks against Jews in the United States, Herut North America created and is offering a new cutting-edge guide to help shuls better organize their security efforts.

The “Synagogue Security Tool Kit: A Hands-On Guide to Preventive Safety for Your Congregation” is being offered free to members of the Jewish community.

“Our goal is to have this booklet utilized by synagogues in all 50 states so that further anti-Jewish violence and bloodshed can be prevented,” said Moshe Phillips, national director of Herut North America, asking that the booklet be distributed to synagogue leaders across the country as soon as possible.

The downloadable guide includes checklists, assessment worksheets, planning guides, practical advice and more, all designed to help a congregation be secure inside and outside.

The kit specifically addresses the fact that Orthodox Jews have specifically targeted in recent attacks by including a section titled “Self-Defense Tips While Walking To / From Synagogue.”  

Herut is founded on the philosophy of Ze’ev Jabotinsky who was an outspoken advocate of Jewish self-defense, both in the Diaspora and in the Land of Israel. He was an organizers of Jewish self-defense against pogroms in Czarist Russia and a founder of the Hagenah in Eretz Yisroel.

The need for more security has been noted by Jewish communities and security experts in the wake of the rising tide of anti-Semitism.

“Action is required now,”  Joshua Goldstein, chairman of Herut North America, told Arutz Sheva News.”

The only answer to such lone wolf attackers as the Pittsburgh, Poway and Monsey attackers is a dual program of stronger security and stronger Jewish unity. Herut North America urges Jews to remain vigilant and keep security top of mind.

Users of the new guidebook will find uncomplicated actionable ideas whether their synagogue has a security plan in place or is now considering forming a volunteer security team and/or needs an action plan.

To request a free copy of the security kit, email