HANC HS Girls’ Shabbaton


HANC HS freshmen and sophomore girls spent Shabbat Veyera in West Hempstead, at a Shabbaton filled with Torah learning, ruach, bonding, good food, laughter, and much more.

The Shabbaton began with Kabbalat Shabbat at YI West Hempstead, followed by an opening Dvar Torah from Rabbi Josh Goller ’97 and Seudat Shabbat at HANC 609. 

Students and faculty were invited to a tisch at the home of sophomore Talya Rosman.

On Shabbat day, students were to daven at the shul of their host followed by a kiddush at the home of Ruchi and Tsvi Kushner where students spent time talking with each other until lunch. 

Before lunch began, students participated in a session that expressed the importance of being kind to oneself and realizing what “fills up our individual cup and what empties our cup.”

As Shabbat was coming to an end, students returned to 609 for Seudah Shlishit, which included a guest speaker, Dr. Rachel Fryman, who expressed the importance for people to respect, care, and be kind to themselves, just like they are to others.

The day concluded with a musical Havdalah with dancing.

The West Hempstead Shabbaton was a fun and meaningful Shabbat that gave the students the opportunity to bond with their classmates and revolved around the overall theme of chesed — for others as well as ourselves.