HAFTR stages a girls’ Mishmar event


As the final bell of the day rang at HAFTR High School and students boarded their buses home, a group of girls gathered together for a meaningful night of learning and bonding.

On Oct. 26, girls in all grades participated in an uplifting Mishmar, a night of learning, food, and fun.

The evening began with each grade learning meaningful lessons about Parshat Noach from their morot. After learning together, the girls enjoyed a delicious dinner of chicken fingers, poppers, and potato kugel. Mishmar concluded with a beautiful Kumzitz where all the girls sang together and were inspired by the music.

There was tremendous ruach and achdut as the students had an opportunity to bond and connect with their morot and classmates while forming new friendships with students in other grades.

This was the second girls’ Mishmar of the year, and everyone had a blast. The year’s third Mishmar was scheduled for Nov. 16.

Thanks are extended to Mrs. Schechter, Ms. Diamond, the Morot, and everyone who participated in making it a fun and meaningful event.