HAFTR stages ‘Big Sib’ event


Transitioning from middle school to high school can be challenging. At HAFTR HS, students come together to make that transition a bit easier through the Big Sib program which pairs freshman with students in the senior class.

At HAFTR’s first Big Sib event of the year, seniors had a chance to see how their little sibs have been adjusting to school while showing off their artistic skills.

Students followed a fantastic step-by-step tutorial on painting a magnificent sunset. Each student had his or her own canvas and pallet to create the painting. Everyone enjoyed the activity and had a great time.

“This was a great opportunity to bond with my little sib,” said senior Kayla Krup, who was echoed by fellow senior Josh Schindler who said, “I had a delightful time as I enhanced the relationship with my little sib.” 

The gym was filled with positive energy as students engaged in lively conversations while enjoying donuts. Some struggled with the painting, but everyone ended up with beautiful portraits. The girls painted beautiful ombre skies and detailed trees with long branches, and the boys showed their skills too.