Grad School Ranks

For Jewish grad schools, ranks are mixed bag


New US News & World Report graduate-school rankings of business (full-time and part-time), education, engineering, health, nursing, public affairs and science programs proved a mixed bag for Jewish schools and those with Jewish origins.

Brandeis University’s MBA program climbed from No. 102 in last year’s rankings to tie for No. 84 in this year’s rankings.

Law and medical school rankings are forthcoming.

“We equip our students with the knowledge, skills, experience and personalized support they need to launch successful careers at the world’s top companies,” said Kathryn Graddy, dean of the school.

Yeshiva University’s Sy Syms School of Business was unranked, which means that it didn’t score in the top group, so US News didn’t release its position on the list.

In the math category — part of the science rankings — Brandeis tied for No. 62, a decline from its tie for No. 49 last year, US News confirmed to JNS. Brandeis also dropped in three other science categories, according to the news outlet: tied for No. 67 in physics (down from being tied last year at No. 58), tied for No. 105 in computer science (down from being tied at No. 106 last year) and tied for No. 67 in chemistry (down from being tied at 62 last year).

In the health rankings, Touro University California tied for No. 150 in public health, which declined from its ranking last year, tied for No. 138, US News confirmed to JNS. The university also tied for No. 16 in the physician assistant category; US News was not able to confirm how it did last year in that category.

In public affairs, Brandeis tied for No. 57 — a drop from its tie last year at No. 56 — and it ranked No. 11 in health policy, a drop from No. 8 last year, wrote the outlet. Brandeis is unranked in public policy, a drop from a tie for No. 26 last year; and it ranked No. 14 in social policy, a drop from its tie last year at No. 10.

No Jewish school or school with Jewish origins appeared to rank in graduate nursing and engineering rankings. In education, Brandeis did not appear, and YU’s Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration was unranked.