Execs from 5T-Far Rock yeshivot cooperate


Officials of 12 Five Towns and Far Rockaway area yeshivot met last week to share best practices and explore avenues of cooperation. The effort was organized by Rabbi Dovid Kramer of Yeshiva of the South Shore and hosted at the new Cedarhurst campus of the Shulamith School for Girls.

Security, medical insurance costs and compliance, recent changes in state law, coordinated UJA donations by parents, joint programming and coordinated fundraising were the topics discussed at the biannual meeting of the yeshivots’ executive directors. 

“The community at large should know that our schools help each other on a daily basis,” said HALB Executive Director Richie Hagler. “What unites us is much greater than the minor differences between our schools.”

Participants were Rabbis Shaye Kohn (Yeshiva of Far Rockaway), Ari Ginian (YKLI), Moshe Goodman (Siach Yitzchak), Michael Grad (HANC), Richie Hagler (HALB), Yehuda Harbater (Darchei Torah), Dovid Kramer (YOSS), Yirmiyahu Lasker (MAY), Rubin Maron (HAFTR), Avraham Mayer (Bais Yaakov Ateres Miriam), Steve Reisbaum (TAG), Baruch Rothman (Darchei Torah), and Perry Tirschwell (Shulamith).