Chanukah joy at CAHAL


This Chanukah, students in CAHAL classes had a chance to explore their creativity, share in the fun, and enjoy the chag.  

Mrs. Riva Ratner’s second- and third-grade CAHAL class at Yeshiva of South Shore started the week with a STEM fine motor activity constructing 3D dreidels. Third-grade students joined mainstream classes in making their own wooden dreidels. The class topped the week off with a bowling trip.

At TAG, the first- and second-grade girls in Morah Sheree Samet’s CAHAL class prepared creative gifts for their families that they designed and decorated on their own (top right).

At YDT, students in Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs’ first- and second-grade CAHAL class joined the rest of the grade in assembling, drilling and staining their own wooden menorahs (bottom right). Culminating the festivities on the last day of Chanukah, all the second-grade classes assembled to say Hallel and learn Chumash before each class lit a candle, followed by a game of bingo and some potato kugel and soda.

In the CAHAL junior high school class at Bnos Bais Yaakov, the girls decorated cookies to send to an Ohel residence.

Many CAHAL teachers hosted Chanukah parties in their homes, among them Rabbi Dov Langer, Rabbi Justin Lepolstat and Rabbi Chananya Grinberg.