Central commencement honors


The Yeshiva University High School for Girls (Central) announced its top graduation honorees:

•Valedictorian Tehilla Rothbort

•Salutatorian Rachel Aranov

•Keter Shem Tov awardee Elisheva Ezor

Valedictorian Tehilla Rothbort has made her mark on Central as a student and friend who embraces every moment as a moment to learn and make a difference. Tehilla’s middot are matched with an insatiable passion for learning, and a commitment to helping others.

While at Central, she has been a member of the Model Congress Team, Torah Bowl Team, and Softball and Volleyball teams; she has also dedicated many free hours to peer tutoring and to being a Student Ambassador.

After studying at MMY, Tehilla will attend the Stern College for Women S. Daniel Abraham Honors Program, where she intends to pursue a pre-med track

“Tehilla has consistently reflected a personal desire to learn more and to understand. She always exudes both a calmness and an intense curiosity,” says Head of School CB Neugroschl. “Her devotion to exploring Torah and to challenging herself in all her studies has a personal quality — it is about being a thoughtful person who fully engages the world. Tehilla has a kindness to everyone that is truly remarkable. We are so proud of all that Tehilla has accomplished.”

Salutatorian Rachel Aranov is soft-spoken, articulate, and acutely aware of the world around her; she embraces every opportunity to push herself and has been an invaluable support for her fellow students as well.

During her time in Central, Rachel was involved in the Chesed club particularly on the Breast Cancer Awareness Committee helping to plan Pretty in Pink Month. Head of School CB Neugroschl praises Rachel’s exemplary qualities:

“Rachel has demonstrated an extraordinary balance of a drive for learning that is paralleled by her unusual humility, kindness, and commitment to others. Rachel has pushed herself to achieve academically and to also apply what she has learned to all areas of her life. We are so proud of Rachel’s accomplishments at Central and beyond.”

Rachel will be heading to Hofstra University in the BA/MD Program.

Keter Shem Tov award recipient Elisheva Ezor was chosen by her classmates to represent them based on her strength of character and middot tovot.

During her time at Central, Elisheva has proven to be a motivated student and a leader among her peers, serving as the captain of the Central Mock Trial Team and Head of Art for the Literary Journal. She has also participated in our Girls Who Code team, Debate team, and Mock Trial Team.

A baalat chesed, Elisheva approaches her classmates with kindness and a sincere desire to help.

“Elisheva  has the distinction of being chosen by her peers to represent the friendships, the kindness, and the exceptional middot that make Central a special community,” says Head of School CB Neugroschl. “Elisheva  has an understated compassion that can change your mood, make you smile, and encourage you to see the glass half full. She has left an abiding smile on all of our faces, and we are grateful for the extra warmth that she so consistently shared with everyone. Elisheva reminds us all to be proud of what it means to be part of the Central family!”

Elisheva will be continuing her studies at the Binghamton University Honors Program.