CAHAL class at Shulamith celebrates Thanksgiving


The Pre1A and 1st grade CAHAL class at the Shulamith School for Girls had a wonderful time learning about Thanksgiving and the concept of expressing gratitude both to people and to Hashem.

The girls were invited to a Thanksgiving feast shared with the P-1 and P-2 classes. The CAHAL students created headbands with the word “Todah” and with feathers listing all the different things they are thankful for. They baked pumpkin muffins, designed costumes and decorations and learned a song for the feast. The P-1 class girls baked cookies, and the students in class P-2 cooked soup.

CAHAL, the community program for children with learning challenges, is now in its 28th year providing smaller, more individualized classes in 11 local yeshivas. All the students attend mainstream activities daily, including lunch, recess, specials, assemblies, trips and more. When ready, children attend academic classes as well, with support from CAHAL to ensure success.