CAHAL 1st grade at YK Mesiba


On Sunday, Jan. 22, the first grade CAHAL class at Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island joined with mainstream YKLI students in the annual Chumash Mesiba. 

The presentation, planned by mainstream YKLI rabbeim, Rabbi Yaakov Morgenbesser and Rabbi Eliohu Schloss, was a huge success. Thirty-five first graders impressed onlookers with their knowledge of dikduk and fluency of pesukim. The incredible warmth of the rabbeim spilled over as the boys sang one niggun after another.

“I’m very proud of the accomplishments of every single boy in my class,” said Rabbi Feivish Rotbard, their Rebbe. “Each and every day is a new world of discovery and excitement.  They all push themselves to live up to our high expectations.”

CAHAL acknowledges the time and efforts of Rabbi Zvi Bajnon, Rosh HaYeshiva, Rabbi Tzvi Krigsman, Menahel, Rabbi Shlomo Dovid Pfeiffer, S’gan Menahel, and YKLI Executive Director Rabbi Ari Ginian in making a home for their first grade class. This appreciation is expressed by the boys’ parents as well.

“I am extremely grateful for the respect, kindness and sensitivity shown towards my son and his classmates at the Chumash Mesiba and every day at Yeshiva Ketana,” said Pamela Savitt. “The boys of CAHAL were so well prepared. They blended seamlessly with the mainstream classes. This is a testament to the dedication and hard work of their CAHAL teachers and the yeshiva.”

CAHAL, the local yeshiva-based and sponsored community program for children with learning challenges, now in its 24th year, provides smaller, more individualized classes in the local yeshivas catering to children’s learning styles, where all the students attend mainstream activities daily, including lunch, recess, specials, assemblies, trips and more. When ready, children attend academic classes as well, with support from CAHAL to ensure success. The experienced and caring CAHAL teachers make it all happen. 

CAHAL is currently accepting students. For more information about the CAHAL program and to donate to this great community organization, contact CAHAL at or call (516) 295-3666.