Bronx wedding remembers Zion


Under every wedding chupah, joy is momentarily diminished as a glass is smashed and the loss of the Beit Hamikdash remembered.

At last week’s Brody-Oratz simcha at Marina Del Rey in the Bronx, Zion was celebrated joyously as well, with the chatan and kallah — Dovid Oratz and Limor Brody — displaying the Yerushalayim flag. The couple met in Israel at the December 2021 wedding of Limor’s sister, Dana Brody, to Ben Glass (pictured holding the Israeli flag).

Dovid is the son of Rabbi Joe and Debbie Oratz of Arnona in Yerushalayim (formerly of Elizabeth, NJ, where Rabbi Oratz was principal of Bruriah HS for Girls); Limor is the daughter of activists Dr. Paul and Drora Brody of Great Neck. The couples will reside close to each other in the Katamon and Baka areas of Yerushalayim.