Annual science fair for YCQ 6th graders


Grade 6 students participated in the annual YCQ Science Fair. Sudent researchers gave clues to the elementary students for a scavenger hunt. The younger classes had to use the clues to find certain projects. After they found as many as they could of the projects, they had a raffle for the winners. The 3–5 graders enjoyed seeing all of the projects and are excited about their own science fair in a few years. 

The students came up with a question, made a hypothesis and then researched and experimented. When they were done they displayed all of their research on a board, including a model of their experiments.

A few of the many projects included: How does color affect taste?, Will anything get water and oil to mix?, How to recreate a tornado, How baking soda and vinegar unclog a sink, Coke Bottle explosion, and How does the color or texture affect the static electricity it can carry?

The awards were presented at a ceremony following the fair. YCQ would like to congratulate the following winners:

First Place-Rivka Sullivan and Aaron Sisser, “I feel your pain;” Yosef and Yaakov Yakubov, “What materials can block a Wi-Fi signal?” Second Place: Ahuva Shachar, “The 5 second rule;” Tamar Sombolian. “What Items contain the most bacteria;” Avi Beylus and Matan Avitzedek, “How we perceive our voices;” and Third Place, David Azulay and Ohad Dayan, “How does different types of gum affect your taste buds?” Josh Bellesen and Ilan Goldstein, and “Kinesiology and lie detection.”

The students’ research and hard work payed off. Yasher koach to all of the grade 6 science fair participants and their teachers.