14 DRS seniors accepted by YU Honors


Fourteen DRS seniors have been accepted to Yeshiva University’s Honors Program, each receiving significant scholarships that totalled a collective $1.26 million in YU scholarships.

Pictured from left are Ephraim Schreck (Yeshiva College) Menachem Gewirtz (Sy Syms), Gavriel Aharon (Sy Syms), Harry Radinsky (Yeshiva College), Hillel Golubtchik (Yeshiva College), Ezra Sicklick (Yeshiva College), Yosef Axelrod (Yeshiva College), Dylan Broder (Yeshiva College), Menachem Kunin (Sy Syms), Kenny Rosenfeld (Sy Syms) Yitzchak Lowy (Yeshiva College) Jacob Berry (Yeshiva College), and Daniel Cywiak (Sy Syms). Not pictured is Tani Konig (Sy Syms).