Lives Lost

These 7 lives were stolen from us on Shabbat

At the conclusion of Friday night prayers, a Palestinian terrorist opened fire on a crowd in Jerusalem’s Neve Yaakov neighborhood, killing seven and wounding three. The terrorist was pursued by …


Israel to Iowa’s rescue

In Iowa, sparsely populated rural areas exist with emergency medical services response times that are so long that they sometimes prove deadly. Now, the Hawkeye state is turning to the Jewish …


When Santos exits, GOP may select Israeli-Ethiopian Orthodox woman

At whatever point George Santos — who falsely claimed to be Jewish (later, “Jew-ish”) with Holocaust-survivor grandparents and a mother killed by the 9/11 attack, and who’s …


WAR CRY Students demand a ‘Solution’: ‘Death to Israel, death to Jews’

The Nazis murdered six million Jews in their blitzkrieg toward a “Final Solution.” Last week, students at the University of Michigan advanced their own “Solution”: an …


A letter from one editor to another [Note: Distribution of this column was BLOCKED BY FACEBOOK]

In “It’s a strange time to be a Jew, but when isn’t it?” Herald guest columnist Alan Singer adds his voice to the mainstreaming of Jew-hatred and Israel-bashing in our communities. …


Big & deadly Al-Aqsa lie

Israeli Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir’s recent visit to the Temple Mount was uneventful, as it should have been. After all, Ben-Gvir was an Israeli minister visiting sovereign …


EMT’s account of Neve Yaakov terror attack

It was a peaceful Friday night after the Shabbat meal. My son and I left the house to go learn Torah together at the local synagogue. A few moments later, the calm was shattered by the gunfire. At …


D’Esposito will get the job done in Washington

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of speaking at the ceremonial swearing-in of newly elected US Rep. Anthony D’Esposito. Sitting on the stage that evening, I thought back to when I was …


SAR glimpses life on Wall St

Students of SAR High School’s AP Macroeconomics class had been plowing through a demanding college-level high school course and now, finally, they had the opportunity to apply their learnings …


Doing good during Asera b’Teves fast

Asara b’Teves became especially meaningful for the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls students who stayed after school to hear a shiur from Rabbi Shmuel Diamond about the significance of …


New book eyes parsha-haftarah links

When did Jews start reading the haftarah? If you were asked that question, you might recall a link to the Chanukah story, to a decree by Antiochus that the Torah itself could not be read in …


Where Har Habyit fits in Jewish and Israeli law

Rabbi Avi Shafran, director of public affairs for Agudath Israel of America, recently wrote in Religious News Service that according to “Israeli law, non-Muslims may go up to the Temple Mount …


Jerusalem needy elderly find work, sustenance

Hand-in-hand, an older couple shuffles into Yad LaKashish’s Jerusalem stone compound across the street from city hall. They navigate their way, each to a separate workroom, and prepare to start …


Israel’s long-term strategy pushes Iran strikes

Recent days have seen rapid-fire reports of dramatic military operations throughout the Middle East. All the reports have two things in common: The targets are Iranian, and they are attributed to …


HAFTR cupcakes

The “combat” was all in good fun on motzei Shabbat, as HAFTR middle school girls competed to decorate cupakes under the gun of a ticking clock. Callenges included designing treats …


Chumash day at HAFTR

HAFTR second graders received their first Chumashim in a Chagigat Chumash on Dec. 11. Family and friends joined to celebrate what HAFTR Principal Joshua Gold said are all of the incredible things …

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