East Meadow

Nab man in link to antisemitic graffiti on LI

Antisemitic vandalism struck Long Island over the weekend, with Jew-hatred expressed in spray-painted graffiti along a heavily trafficked road that connects Bellmore and Merrick to East Meadow. …

Gaza War

YU students meet Fetterman on Capitol Hill

More than 100 Yeshiva University students met last week in Washington with Sen. John Fetterman, one of Israel’s most vocal supporters in Congress. The Pennsylvania Democrat …

Gaza war

Viewing our buildings from eyes of attacker

A 25-year veteran of the FBI, Rusty Rosenthal had a front-row seat to understanding the difference between US and Israeli approaches to security during his 11 years working in the bureau’s Tel …

Kosher Kitchen

Ancient matzah’s tasty beyond-seder twist

Matzah is as old as the Exodus. The flour and water cracker bread has a starring role in the saga, with the Jews leaving Egypt so quickly that they couldn’t let their bread rise. The …


Entering the Great, but not yet Holy, Shabbat

There are many steps that we ascend on our journey towards the holiday of Passover, including the special Sabbaths that precede it. holiday. I fondly remember the wise old rabbi whose little …

Gaza War

50 behind Batman call for Bibas family release

Fifty animators and producers responsible for the character of Batman in various productions over the years signed a petition calling on Qatar and Egypt, two mediators in hostage talks, to push for …

From Beit Shemesh

My eldest daughter had a hard day on Sunday…

This is not how I grew up. My children are living a very different life than I had. When I was growing up, the only funerals that I attended were those of my elderly grandparents. In England, it …

From the Bronx to Israel

Torres joins Bronxites at Oct. 7 terror sites

It wasn’t Rep. Ritchie Torres’ first trip to Israel, but it was his first since last Oct. 7. The two-day trip, led by Torres and sponsored by the UJA Federation of New York, included …

Gaza War

Canadian politician: Bring Israeli flags to Iranian rallies

The first woman of Iranian descent to become a member of a Canadian provincial parliament wants Jews to know that they are not as isolated as they may think. “The Jewish community has more …

Gaza War

Without doubt, Tucker Carlson’s an antisemite

What do Tucker Carlson, the isolationist conservative pundit, and Elizabeth Warren, the woke progressive senator from Massachusetts, have in common? Not much other than slandering Israel. Last …


After eggplant at seder, here’s a post-dinner treat

The main course is a tasty, room-temperature side dish that you should make in advance so that when you are ready to grill, most of your meal is already prepared. I broil the eggplant slices in the …


When will Mashiach come? That is up to us

One wonders whether the Mashiach and the redemption he is meant to bring still have not come because we are still waiting for him, or because he is still waiting for us. There is a story …


A pol in Georgia treats trolls to JNF trees

Georgia legislator Esther Panitch was inspired when Renee Evans, of the World Jewish Congress, bought trees in Israel for Peach State legislators who voted in favor of a bill codifying the …


Trump interview lacks clarity on Israel

During Israel Hayom's exclusive interview with former President Donald Trump — which took place at Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida — he repeatedly said he was the most pro-Israel president ever …

Gaza War

Survivors tell LI the horrors they lived

Amit and Tomer Ades decorated their home in the beginning of October to celebrate their son’s fifth birthday. What they didn’t prepare for was celebrating his birthday in a safe room …

Gaza War

The time has come: End the Iranian regime

The good news: Israel’s air defense systems — Iron Dome, David’s Sling, Arrow 3, and its vaunted fighter pilots — assisted by the United States, Jordan, England, France and …


Jew-hate skyrockets, rising 140% in 2023

Antisemitism in the United States spiked by a record 140%, according to figures released by the Anti-Defamation League on Tuesday. Nearly 9,000 incidents of assault, harassment and vandalism …

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